Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dr. Felicity Rickshaw's Celebrity Sex Party - Fringe World 2016 (8 February 2016)

Who among us hasn’t fantasised about doing unspeakable things to their celebrity of choice? Sexual things. With Brad or Angelina or Colin or Madonna. Sure, most people don’t go on to write an award winning blog about their imaginary carnal exploits. More’s the pity if Dr. Felicity Rickshaw’s tales are to be taken as the high water mark of celebrity erotica. These blisteringly funny and raunchy episodes will make you blush while educating you on some of the more, shall we say, creative ways to achieve a mindgasm.

Of course, there are reasons why someone might choose to explore such explicit fantasies and share them with the world and this is where Holland St Productions add depth to the hilarity. Dr. Rickshaw is the alter ego of one Amy (played by Amy Russotti) who has family and work entanglements to deal with while living alone with her cat Mister Snuggles. The most amusing of these real world scenarios is with geeky office colleague Ben (Tyler Jacob Jones) while her older sister Karen (Claire Taylor) chides Amy for several reasons, most notably about their mother (Erin Hutchinson).

It’s the fantasy sequences, however, when the naïve and dowdy Amy transforms into the rapacious Doctor Rickshaw, that dazzle. Her internal moanologue includes a threesome of performers (Jones, Taylor, and Hutchinson) who sing, dance and cavort while the bearded Russian Victor (Robert Woods) provides musical backing on keyboards.

One signature aspect of any Holland St Productions show is how film literate the driving creative forces, Tyler Jacob Jones and Robert Woods are. It’s tantalising then that a musical comedy is packed with allusions to well-known recent and not-so-recent movies with ‘cameo appearances’ by many a celebrity, most notably Keanu Reeves (Jones), Madonna (Taylor) and a pitch perfect Meryl Streep (Hutchinson). Don't worry, pop stars aren't left out. You have to see what happens to the band members of One Direction to believe it – my lips are sealed on that front… or back as the case may be.  

It’s not subtle and things can get more than a little blue but there’s the trademark wit and mischief throughout in spades. The songs add another element of mayhem as the good doctor’s fantasies are quite literally fleshed out. At times silly and over-the-top there is one gem in the vein of Absolute Perfection (from Point & Shoot) being Colin Fucking Firth.

The performances are all excellent from the stoic Woods with thick Russian accent to the antics of Jones, Taylor and Hutchinson but it’s Russotti who is the star here dropping in and out of the titular character with relish. Her lower lip trembles as Rickshaw mentally salivates over the steamy concoctions she conjures. It’s a tour de force comedy performance that never lets up even in the face of Monster Cocks. Yes, it’s that kind of show.  

This is sure to be another hit for Holland St Productions and they do have form with two of their previous shows including Point & Shoot being award winners at Fringe. Opening night was sold out so I wouldn’t delay in securing a ticket. This is raunchy, laugh out loud funny, and performed with verve and chutzpah. There’s also a touch of pathos to ground the shenanigans but ultimately you’ll know in your heart that love truly is the driving force in the universe.  

Book and Lyrics by Tyler Jacob Jones who also directs, with original Music by Robert Woods, Dr. Felicity Rickshaw’s Celebrity Sex Party is on at The Stables until 14 February. It stars Jones, Woods, Claire Taylor, Erin Hutchinson and Amy Russotti. I don't know if I'd take my mum but I'd definitely take the celebrity of my dreams. 

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  1. My apologies. I incorrectly referred to Tyler Jacob Jones as Tyler Jacob Jacobs at one point in this review. Obviously I had fallen on my head from a great height.